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October 18, 2017

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Thinking About Perfection

September 26, 2017

I had a client contact me this week, postponing her next appointment for a week.  It was, she said, because she'd "fallen off the wagon", and she felt that unless she was the "Perfect Patient", then she shouldn't come in.


This makes me really sad.  Because, if everyone took their meal plan and went home to get everything measured, weighed, counted, and eaten to perfection (in between perfectly timed and completed workouts, precisely 8 hours sleep every night, 30 minutes' meditation and 80 ounces of filtered water, sipped at ten minute intervals), what on Earth would I have to do????


The point of coming to see a nutrition professional is to get help.  We thrive on figuring out the reasons why, and coming up with creative solutions.  


There are millions of reasons why someone might have wobbled on their meal plan.  Maybe the plan is too low in calories.  Maybe the plan contains the person's trigger foods.  Maybe the plan is boring, or filled with foods the person doesn't even like.  Maybe the person is having a particularly busy week and wasn't able to do their meal prep.  Maybe their spouse/child/parent/dog has had a health crisis. Or maybe they're tired, or emotional about something.  


People don't fall off their diets because they are terrible human beings!  They fall off because the diet is not serving them on that particular day, with its unique circumstances.

But it's really hard to see that very sensible reason when they're beating themselves up for not being 'perfect.'


It's time to take a deep breath, calm down, and come in for your appointment, no matter what.  Maybe the scale will have a bump this week.  But the point is to keep coming in, and keep talking.  Between us let's figure out what happened, and change things around so that it doesn't happen again, or create a strategy to use if that particular situation arises again.  This is how we make changes that will last for a lifetime.








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