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I'm a Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach, working in Palo Alto, sunny California.  I'm originally from New Zealand (a Kiwi), and I've been working in the Nutrition and Health field here in the Bay Area for the past seven years.  I've counseled hundreds of people and loved every minute of it.  

I've observed that many people are so overwhelmed by the volume of  nutrition information and opinions online or in the media that they've lost confidence in their own ability to make choices that work for them.


I'm really interested in helping people to find a comfortable weight, and to improve their lifestyle habits, so that they feel confident, strong, energetic and ready for anything.

I'm a mother of three (and mother-in-law of two), and over the years, just like everyone else, I've had health, body and food issues to tackle, both for myself and my family.  I have a good sense of what's practical, what's doable, what's important and what's not worth fretting about.

My training in Comprehensive Nutrition, Dietary Supplement Sciences, and Health Coaching, together with my years working with clients has taught me that there are as many different ways to approach lifestyle and dietary changes as there are people. When it comes to how you manage what you eat and how you live, there's no such thing as 'One Size Fits All'.  I'll work with you, get to know your unique quirks, foods you love (or hate), and your work and life commitments, so that together we can create a plan that fits like a glove.


We want your new habits to stick, so that they become second nature, and eventually you don't have to spend a lot of time thinking about them.

I'm committed  to common-sense, anxiety-free nutrition solutions, and I like to cultivate a warm, supportive, honest relationship with my clients.

I really want to help.


228 Hamilton Avenue, 3rd Floor

Palo Alto, CA 94301


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Tel: (415) 305-4158

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