Are you confused about what you should be eating?  Is your current weight bothering you?  How about your digestion, energy or moods?  I can help.  I provide achievable, practical nutrition and health coaching, tailored for you.  
It's a lifestyle you can live with.
Feeling pear-shaped?  I can help.
Personalized Nutrition Services

My approach to losing weight and developing healthy habits starts with getting to know you as an individual. Each of us are different in the way we eat, drink and live. We have different needs and goals, different body types, different challenges and different lifestyles.  I will work with you to develop a plan that is unique to you.

In-Person or Convenient
Virtual Sessions​

Everyone is busy.  Appointments are available in-person, via secure, HIPAA-approved video or phone.  If necessary, appointments can be scheduled outside of office hours. If you can find a 30 minute window, you can get healthy.  

Nutrition You Can Live With

Let's not talk about dieting, because that sounds temporary.  You'll receive personalized nutrition goals and a guided meal plan with an emphasis on fresh whole foods.   Do you enjoy a glass of wine or a slice of pizza now and again?  Healthy doesn't mean giving up the foods you love completely! It's unrealistic to expect never to have treats again.  You'll learn how to include alcohol and pure enjoyment foods while maintaining your healthy habits in the long-term. 

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On the blog, Facebook page and Pinterest page you'll find  nutrition news, recipes, fitness 

guides, motivational thoughts, a few laughs and other bits and pieces related to the work we all share; eating healthily and living well.

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